Kanye West Wants to Trademark ‘God Save America’

There’s a podcast called Pod Save America, run by some of the most insufferable assholes to come out of the lower tiers of the Obama administration. You might have heard of it when your insane, MSNBC-addicted uncle had a fight with your insane, Fox News-addicted aunt at Thanksgiving last year. I don’t recommend it.

I only bring it up because it shows that Kanye West did not think of the phrase “God Save America,” which he trying to trademark and sell on clothes. God save America is a phrase in common enough use that there is are parodies of it.

Celebrities try to trademark things all the time. Cardi B tried to trademark “Okurrr” and was denied while President Trump failed to secure a trademark on “You’re Fired” back when he was a TV game show host. Paris Hilton successfully trademarked the phrase “That’s Hot,” though, so anything can happen. Under that logic, she probably could have trademarked vocal fry and sued the Red Scare podcast, which is greatly superior to Pod Save America, right out of existence.

Look, it should be obvious now that Kanye’s run for President is just Kanye trying to sell more clothes. That’s it. His entire presidential campaign is a brand-building exercise.

It’s not even like Kanye is running to bring attention to some sort of issue. Have you heard how empty is his campaign rhetoric is? It’s like that time Lois ran for mayor on Family Guy.

Of course, Kanye isn’t actually hurting anything by running for President; the idea that he’ll somehow hurt Joe Biden by running is absurd, no one who was going to vote for Joe Biden is going to be swayed to vote for Kanye West instead. He’s just wasting an opportunity to do real good for his community and the entire country on a vanity tour to sell merchandise, that’s all.

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