Ron Jeremy Facing Even More Sex Crime Charges

Ron Jeremy is in a lot of trouble. He’s currently in prison awaiting trial on a bunch of charges of rape and sexual assault, and the charges against him just keep coming.

Jeremy is facing even more charges now, as reported by Page Six.

Skin flick titan Ron Jeremy was hit with new sex crimes charges stemming from the allegations of six women, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office announced this week.

The jailed porn star pleaded not guilty Wednesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court to three counts of forcible rape, two counts of forcible oral copulation and one count each of sexual battery by restraint and assault with intent to commit forcible digital penetration, according to LA prosecutors.

I have a theory here. Being in that much porn broke Ron Jeremy like what happened when Chandler and Joey got the porn channel for free and wouldn’t turn off the TV.

After spending so much time living in the porn world where women who look like Cherry Rain want to have sex with guys who look like Ron Jeremy or Ed Powers, Ron thought that the world actually worked like that and that women just wanted him to walk up to them and start fucking them. This is clearly not the case, women do not want to be approached by Ron Jeremy, much less for him to have sex with them.

Look, porn is fine in moderation. And I’m not seriously saying that being in porn turned Ron Jeremy into a rapist. What I am saying is he was used to living in a bubble of celebrity that made him feel like his inappropriate behavior was appropriate. It just shows why it’s important for us to be mindful of how we treat others.

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