Tana Mongeau’s ‘Nudes for Biden Votes’ Scheme Appears to Have Backfired Spectacularly

You know what’s not a good idea? Offering people something in exchange for them voting a certain way. Great way to end up in jail or at the very least in some Project Veritas video that people will think is real for a week before whatever scam they pulled comes out.

Tana Mongeau is learning this because it looks like her “I’ll send you naked pictures if you vote for Joe Biden” idea has cost her YouTube channel it’s verification, which does… something, I guess? According to Google, you need it to upload videos longer than 15 minutes or livestream. And it gives viewers the safety of knowing they’re jerking it to a real thot.

TMZ speculated her loss of verification may also be a result of her name changing because of her fake marriage to Jake Paul.

It seems like she had too many requests coming in for nudes to fulfill them all.

I can’t tell you if she sent out any nudes because I already filled out my ballot for Howie Hawkins. But that image of Biden’s face on her body is going to keep me from getting hard for a week.

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