Trump Administration Thinks Billie Eilish is America’s Most Pressing Crisis

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What I want the president to be doing right now, regardless of party, and regardless of who wins the election on Tuesday, is finding a way to get us safely through the COVID pandemic and minimizing the economic damage that it’s bound to cause. What the current president seems to want to do is bitch about Billie Eilish, a teenager who dresses like an old-timey hobo.

The Washington Post reports that when looking for celebrities to make a PSA about the coronavirus as a way to keep people safe, maybe convince them to wear a mask and be a decent human being, the Trump administration made a list of hundreds of celebrities who couldn’t be included because they had badmouthed Trump in some way.

Among those who did not make the cut were actress Jennifer Lopez, because she had criticized the president’s immigration policies at her Super Bowl performance; director Judd Apatow, because he “believes Trump does not have the intellectual capacity to run as President”; and singer-songwriter Billie Eilish, described as “not a Trump Supporter” and “destroying our country and everything we care about,” according to a document that outlines issues with numerous celebrities under consideration for the campaign.

Super-cool right? Public health is important but making sure whoever we get to spread the message about how to stay safe likes Donald Trump and kisses his ass is more important.

None of the celebrity PSAs went live, and the campaign is under review at HHS. Politico first reported about the $250 million contract and the ad campaign.

Sweet, there hasn’t been a second round of stimulus checks or really any significant movement towards any kind of relief bill but we spent a quarter of a billion dollars on not running ads with celebrities who were mean to Donald Trump. God bless America.

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