Twitch Streamer Ninja Signs With CAA, Because Leaving Twitch Worked So Well Last Time

With 16 million followers on Twitch, you would think that Tyler Blevins would be a major celebrity and, in a way, you’d be right. But that Twitch fame has carried over very poorly to anything outside of Twitch. When he went to Microsoft’s streaming platform Mixer, he only managed to get about a tenth of followers to come with him and Mixer went under less than a year later.

Actually, one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen on a New Year’s Eve countdown was Ninja trying to get a million people to floss dance and maybe a dozen did.

16 million followers on Twitch and he basically has no appeal to anyone off the platform at all. Despite that, Blevins has signed with CAA, arguably the most prestigious Hollywood talent agency.

I’m going to guess that this amounts to absolutely nothing of note in the long run. He may get a few guest spots on sitcoms or commercials like Peyton Manning, but there’s a reason that you can count the number of sports stars to cross over into acting on one hand.

Like sports, being a Twitch streamer requires a specific set of skills that do not translate into the ability to do basically anything else like act or host a talk show.

For example, being a large, successful streamer requires some amount of charisma, but as you saw on New Year’s 2019 he has a very limited audience that buys into it.

So you’re probably going to see Ninja pop up here and there like he did in Times Square, but I would expect a similarly chilly reaction.

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