With His Trump Support, We’re Supposed to Believe 50 Cent Is Rich Now

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In 2016, 50 Cent claimed to a bankruptcy judge that he was broke and that all the money he put up on Instagram was fake. 50 claimed he was just trying to maintain his brand. Later, he’d admit to Conan that this was all part of his plan to protect his assets from lawsuits.

A couple of years later, Floyd Mayweather got into a feud with 50 and reiterated that he was broke.

On Monday, the uncancellable 50 Cent went full steam into supporting Trump in the 2020 election because he doesn’t care for the increased taxes on Americans earning more than $400,000 a year.

The fact he is “bankrupt” was not lost on him.

So, sure, take advice from a guy who has enough money to pay lawyers to figure out how to hide his money from other lawyers and who doesn’t care if his kids live or die. I’m sure he’s looking out for your best interest and not just trying to hoard enough dollar bills for the next time he wants to go to the strip club.

Also, 50 Cent probably doesn’t even know how taxes work. If you tried to explain it to him, he’d probably tap you on the nuts and call you a fucking nerd.

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