World’s Most Gullible Woman Sues Brad Pitt, Claims He Wanted to Marry Her

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You probably don’t need to hear this, but Brad Pitt doesn’t want to marry you.

Most people know this. I know, for a fact, that Brad Pitt does not want to marry me.

Kelli Christina does not know. Page Six reports she’s suing Pitt, claiming he told her he wanted to marry her and scammed her out of $40,000. You figured out she’s never spoken to Brad Pitt in her life and was clearly catfished just from that sentence, didn’t you?

Kelli Christina, a health care CEO from Plano, Texas, claims in court papers that she paid $40,000 for the actor to make five appearances at events that she arranged for his charity Make It Right Foundation, which constructs new homes for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

She even claimed that the pair developed such a close relationship that they had “discussions of marriage,” court docs seen by The Post said.

This is almost too funny for words. She’s a healthcare CEO and not only did she fall for a lonely hearts scam, she just the whole world know, forever, that she’s an idiot. She could be in law books; guys, she could literally be a textbook moron.

Pitts lawyers stop laughing long enough to file a motion to dismiss based on the fact that Brad Pitt clearly never interacted with this woman in any way.

How funny would it be if he had, though? Like Brad Pitt got really bored so he decided to scam someone out of $40 grand by pretending to be himself? Sounds like we’ve got a script for Ocean’s Fourteen to me.

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