If You Care Who Kim Kardashian Voted For, You’re Wasting Your Life

The Presidential election is over, and enough votes have been counted in enough states for every major news outlet to confidently report that Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States. This might be good news to you or it might be bad news to you and honestly, it really shouldn’t matter all that much because there’s very little difference between them.

One of the odder things to come out of this election, though, is that for whatever reason people really, really care how Kim Kardashian voted.

Now you might think I’m about to tell you that kit doesn’t matter who Kim Kardashian voted for because she’s a rich, out-of-touch reality TV star whose worldview likely doesn’t align with anyone whose home doesn’t have a walk-in refrigerator. But you’re wrong.

I’m going to tell you it doesn’t matter who Kim Kardashian voted for because she lives in Calabasas and Joe Biden won California by over four million votes. Two-thirds of the most populated state voted for Biden; Kim or any California voted could write themselves in for president and it would not make even the tiniest difference.

Maybe you think Kanye West’s vote matters because he lives in Wyoming, a state with a population of basically just Kanye West, and somehow Kim is responsible for him but again, you couldn’t be more wrong. Kanye West has never voted for anyone but Kanye West and will never vote for anyone but Kanye West because Kanye West only actually cares about Kanye West. Kanye showed his ballot and he didn’t even bother to vote in any of the down-ballot races, he just marked the bubble by his name and said “Okay, we’re good here.”  He was never going to vote for Biden or Trump.

Let me tell you a story about my grandmother. Whoever the president was, my grandmother liked him, whether she voted for him or not. She said George W Bush was a great man and when Barack Obama was elected she said he was a great man even though she was kind of racist because she was born in the 20s or something. She respected the President because he was our leader.

I never really got it and I mostly disagreed, I think Obama was the best president in my lifetime and I also think he was still a pretty lousy president. But I don’t understand the desire to brand people who worked with Trump like you’re Aldo Raine; Kim Kardashian did more to accomplish left-wing policy under Donald Trump by working with him in prison reform than Barack Obama or Nancy Pelosi did in the same four years, she’s not the bad guy here.

Politics is not a team sport and when you attack Kim Kardashian who is, by the way, celebrating the victory of the guy we kind of think is okay or at least better than the other guy, you don’t have to comment about how bad she sucks. Kim Kardashian is smarter and more politically informed than anyone asking her how she voted and that is not me complimenting Kim, I’ll tell you that for sure.

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