Jeff Ross is Suing His Ex-Girlfriend, Insisting They Didn’t Date Until She Was 18

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We’ve just seen how defamation lawsuits can blow up in your face even when you’re clearly the wronged party, but Jeff Ross isn’t taking his ex’s claims that they started sleeping together when she was 15 lying down. Page Six reports Ross has brought a suit against Jessica Radtke, the woman he dated when she was 18 and claims their relationship began when she was 15.

Ross says Radtke “made the preposterous claim that she was Ross’s ‘date’ at a number of high-profile public events, including celebrity roasts, that were attended by thousands of people,” adding, “to make her false allegations as salacious as possible, Radtke also falsely accused Ross of frequently having unprotected sex with her while she was underage and claimed Ross proposed to marry her.”

The filing suggests that Ross has multiple witnesses who corroborate he did not start dating Radtke until she was 18.

Radtke also implied she found child pornography in Ross’s apartment and was so disgusted she only dated him for three more years. I’m sure that’ll come up.

Echoing his initial statement on the accusations from June, Ross says in the suit that “Radtke is a habitual accuser who has lied about criminal conduct on multiple occasions. Indeed, Radtke has repeatedly falsely accused her family members and others of crimes.”

She really doesn’t come across as stable, honestly. Mostly based on the fact that she dated Jeff Ross. I’m sure he’d agree it takes a really fucked up person to do something like that.

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