Kanye West Cancelled a Jimmy Kimmel Appearance, Apparently Because he Lost the Election

NBC / Jimmy Kimmel

Kanye West really thought he was going to be the next President of the United States. I was positive that his whole run for office was just an excuse for new branded Kanye West merchandise but he actually thought that he was going to be President. I mean, I guess if Donald Trump can do it for four years anyone can. Literally anyone. Seriously, just grab someone off the street, are they going to do worse? But I digress.

Kanye was scheduled to be on Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday night but backed out, apparently because he lost the election. Here’s what Kimmel said about it via USA Today.

“The day after the election, we’ll be joined in studio by maybe the next president of the United States, Kanye West,” Kimmel said during Monday’s episode. “Oh, he canceled?… Kanye West canceled moments ago, so he won’t be here. But I’ll be here.”

Kimmel quipped, “We’ll try to get one of the other presidents to come in.”

I love this story so much I want to put it my stand mixer, whip it until it comes to soft peaks and serve it on a homemade apple pie.

You really have to step back and consider what Kanye’s cancellation really means here. A normal person would go on, tell a few jokes and advertise that he had some new merch coming soon having booked the appearance knowing he wasn’t going to win, but Kanye actually thought he was going to go on Jimmy Kimmel and celebrate being the President-Elect.

I long to be as detached from reality as Kanye West. The man threw together a campaign at the last minute, was only on the ballot in a handful of states because of this and at his only campaign rally he broke down crying and told everyone he and his wife almost aborted their oldest child. Still, he really, honestly thought that because he was Kanye West, all he had to do was say he wanted to be President and it would magically manifest itself for him because that’s basically how everything else in Kanye West’s life has worked.

I cannot stress the extent to which I cannot stop laughing at this information.

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