The Internet is Right, LeVar Burton Should Be The Next Host of ‘Jeopardy!’

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We’re all still pretty bummed that Alex Trebek died, but we can still see his last episodes of Jeopardy! for the next month, with the very last episode he filmed before he died scheduled to air on Christmas Day. But once that episode airs, we’re left wondering what will be next. Obviously Jeopardy! isn’t going anywhere, it’s one of the most popular syndicated television shows ever.

The internet has decided who the next host of the evening game show should be and I have to admit, for once people have absolutely nailed it.

LeVar Burton, star of Roots, Reading Rainbow and Star Trek: The Next Generation is far and away the favorite among fans to replace Trebek when Jeopardy! resumes production, and he’s absolutely the right choice.

Let me explain why Burton is the best choice. Alex Trebek had a certain kind of charisma that combined charm and wit with a strong and reassuring presence, and I don’t know anyone who better fits that description than LeVar Burton.

LeVar Burton has everything that a good game show host should have and he’s absolutely beloved. Find me someone who doesn’t like LeVar Burton, I dare you. It can’t be done.

Alex Trebek has left some absolutely massive shoes to fill for the next host, and I don’t know if many people other than LeVar Burton will be up to it. The other most popular suggestion is Ken Jennings, one of the first big winners on Jeopardy after the five-show limit for winners was removed. And look, Ken is a great guy, he’s smart, he’s kind of funny on Twitter sometimes and he seems really nice. But Ken Jennings has all the charisma of wet cardboard. LeVar Burton is the obvious choice.

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