Tila Tequila Keeps Getting Crazier, Is Trying to Lure Neighborhood Kids Into Her House

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Karl Marx once famously referred to religion as the opiate of the people and explained he believed religion was dangerous because it created illusory happiness for people that prevented them from achieving genuine fulfillment.

Tila Tequila is the embodiment of what Marx was talking about because she definitely seems like she’s on something while trying to lure neighborhood children into her house to baptize them.

I feel like even a religious person is going to watch that video and think she’s insane.

First of all, remember when Tila Tequila was hot? That ship has sailed. Make-up does a lot of heavy lifting.

I can’t say I blame these kids’ grandmother for not wanting a former pornstar to invite them into her house and baptism them. Especially Tila Tequila. I mean, maybe if, say, Mia Khalifa or Sunny Leone or Bailey Jay wanted to baptize my kids I’d consider it. But Tila Tequila? She needs to be either more famous or less crazy if she wants to be taken seriously.

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