2020’s Most Pirated TV Show is ‘The Mandalorian’

According to Nielsen, who have started tracking what people are watching on streaming this year, the most popular shows are The Crown and Virgin River. The problem is that neither of those shows have Baby Yoda in them and that makes them being the most popular shows highly suspect.

The Crown and Virgin River are on Netflix, and everyone has Netflix, mainly through inertia and it being kind of a pain in the ass to cancel it despite the fact that the service has practically doubled in cost over the years. The Mandalorian is on Disney+ and that has a much smaller install base in large part because The Mandalorian is the only thing on it. Name another Disney+ original series you watched, and keep in mind “old episodes of Even Stevens and Lizzie McGuire from when I was a kid” isn’t a Disney+ original.

TorrentFreak reports that The Mandalorian was the most-pirated show of 2020, something that makes insanely good sense because The Mandalorian is great and Disney+ is not. Star Trek: Picard also made the list for a similar reason, CBS All Access is just a terrible streaming service, though I would have guessed Star Trek: Lower Decks would have made the list, especially since Rick and Morty’s Mike McMahan is behind it and Rick and Morty also made the list. That one is also no surprise, I can imagine all the Rick and Morty fans downloading it until the Blu Rays come out like a year after the season airs.

Game of Thrones had been the king of illegally downloaded shows for years but it ended last year and also that ending sucked and basically no one was happy with it, so it seemed unlikely it would make the list this year.

But keep in mind there are still a few days left in the year so that Belle Delphine porno video could take the crown at the last minute.

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