Despite Grammy Snub, BTS Swept the MAMA Awards, The First Show to Snub Them

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BTS is the hottest band in the world right now. The band is so popular, in fact, that South Korea recently changed its laws on mandatory military service to allow BTS’s member to delay their entry because of how much good publicity they bring to Korea. So it’s kind of crazy that the American music industry is so completely set on ignoring them, for the most part.

American fans love BTS, and they currently have both the Number 1 and Number 3 spots on the Billboard Hot 100. Still, the band got no nominations for major Grammy awards this year, only being nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. Still, class acts that they are, they’ve only had good things to say about how honored they are to be nominated.

The Grammy’s aren’t the first awards show to snub the Bangtan Boys, though; the Mnet Asian Music Awards, or MAMA, was the only awards show not to invite the band when they were rookies before they conquered the world as the most successful Korean music act of all time.

The band was very gracious as they swept the ceremony this year and won awards in eight categories including Sing of the Year, Artist of the Year and Album of the Year, according to Koreaboo.

Band member RM commented on the group’s win, saying “This is the only awards ceremony we weren’t invited to when we were rookies. We really wanted to come to this awards ceremony, and we envied those who did. But now, we received multiple big awards. I’m deeply moved. My heart feels heavy at the thought that we’re hearing such good news during a difficult time. I hope we can work hard and see each other again with smiles.”

That feels a lot like the scene in Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts goes back to the jewelry store that refused to serve her to let them know what a mistake they made. And one day BTS will be making similar comments about the Grammys. Though hopefully without the references to an ongoing global pandemic.

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