Is Alex Baldwin’s Wife Hilaria Just Pretending to Be Spanish?

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Fairly early on in 30 Rock, Alec Bladwin’s character Jack is briefly engaged to Phoebe, played by Emily Mortimer, who has Avian Bone Syndrome. At one point Phoebe has an argument with Liz and gets so angry that she slips out of her British accent into an American one.

Weirdly enough, people seem to think Alec Baldwin’s actual wife Hilaria is doing the exact same thing, which she addressed on her Instagram.

Basically, she was born in Boston and her family moved to Spain, where she grew up. It’s not that complicated of a concept and I don’t see why anyone cares. But people care. Especially this lady on Twitter.

Look, my girlfriend was born in Europe but grew up in Australia, she’s not pretending to be Australian. You would think someone from America would understand that, America being the cultural melting pot and all.

Oh, you think it’s weird she used to go by Hilary and she goes by Hilaria now? Ask your Korean friend Tony what his birth certificate says and apply the logic of why he goes by Tony to someone moving to Spain from America. Or ask Barack Obama why he went by Barry in college.

I know we’re all bored because of the coronavirus keeping us inside but is Alec Baldwin’s perpetually pregnant hot wife’s accent the mystery you want to spend your limited time on this world solving?

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3 years ago

I lived in Guatemala for a year, and learned Spanish, I don’t speak it very well, but I can understand how when you speak two languages you combine words, like I will say Hola sometimes to mean Hi. Not sure why people are so upset about it, but if she tried to fake it for some kind of reason that is not good, but why would she do it