Jake Paul Considering Move to Miami to Focus on ‘Boxing’ Career

I had a cat once who would sit on a chair at the kitchen table and look up over like he was waiting to be fed and thought he was a person like us. I think of my fuzzy guy thinking he was a person every time I hear that Jake Paul thinks he’s a boxer.

There has been a real lack of enthusiasm for professional boxing since around the time Buster Douglas clobbered Mike Tyson, and MMA has really stolen a lot of the enthusiasm people used to have for the sweet science of pugilism. This has lead to boxers like Tyson to give Jake Paul some very kind words for the attention that he’s brought to the sport.

The problem is that Jake Paul thinks it makes him a boxer.

Let me very clear, Jake Paul is not a boxer. That’s why Mike Tyson suggested that there be a belt for celebrities and YouTubers, because they don’t have a prayer of winning an actual belt for boxing. Tyson’s proposed belt would be like the participation trophy of boxing championships.

But still, Jake Paul is now reportedly planning on leaving California for Florida so he can better focus on his boxing career, according to TMZ.

If Jake Paul wants to be a boxer, maybe he should stop ducking Ben Askren, who, by the way, is a retired MMA fighter and almost 40.
You know who Jake Paul should box? A ranked WBA Middleweight. How about Jake Paul fights 29-year-old David Papot from France, a Middleweight boxer who is 24-0-1 with three KOs and is still in fighting shape? I think that is the fight we want to see.
You know, since Jake Paul is a boxer now.
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