Joe Exotic Wants to Die as He Lived: A Dumbass, Says He’ll Refuse a Respirator if He Gets COVID

Man, remember that weekend that people cared about Tiger King, the Netflix doc that let the country know that people who have zoos for exotic animals are exactly the kinds of assholes we always suspected they were? Joe Exotic is going to ride his 15 minutes of fame from that series all the way to the grave.

He literally will ride it to the grave, too, if TMZ’s report is to be believed.

It turns out Joe would rather die than go on a respirator for a few days if he gets COVID, something that’s a real possibility due to the conditions America keeps prisoners in.

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Tami Springer
Tami Springer
3 years ago

This article is pure trash. Joe is not a fictional character, he’s a real person who can see what you are writing about him. He has every right to a DNR order, as many people have the same thing. He has had this for many years and it has nothing to do with asking for a pardon. He is an innocent man sitting in prison and deserves some respect. Nothing was said about “a respirator for a few days.” He was talking about a ventilator while being sedated until he dies, if that should happen. He does NOT currently have… Read more »