Kristen Stewart’s Lesbian Christmas RomCom ‘Happiest Season’ Gave the Actress COVID

Happiest Season is the biggest hit Hulu has had to date and if you haven’t seen the LGBT romcom starring Kristen Stewart, it’s easily the best Christmas movie of the year, though I don’t quite think it rises to the level of a Christmas movie you’ll watch every year like Elf or The Hebrew Hammer.

The biggest problem with the film is that Aubrey Plaza was in it, and being Aubrey Plaza it was impossible not to love her character and her performance and it’s equally impossible to miss her on-screen chemistry with Kristen Stewart. The problem is that Plaza isn’t Stewart’s love interest, that’s Mackenzie Davis’s Harper, the films’ least-likable and most poorly-acted character.

Plaza was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote the film and she told the former Colbert Report host that she also thought her character should have been the one to end up with Kristen Stewart’s Abby, saying “Look, I wanted it too, okay? I’m not gonna lie. I wanted it too. I wanted it very badly.” We’ve all felt that way about Kristen Stewart at one point or another.

Plaza also seemingly accidentally let the world know that Kristen Stewart got COVID during filming, which happened before we started taking COVID seriously but when China was spraying the streets down with rubbing alcohol every night. It’s really fortunate that she’s okay knowing what we know now.

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