Kylie Jenner Attacked For Wearing Fur Because Apparently That’s Still Happening

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One of the things I care the least about in 2020 is people wearing fur. Humans would never have crawled out of caves if they hadn’t worn the fur of other animals and while we do have other options to keep warm and people should probably choose those over real fur, I don’t have any moral objections to fur. I think not wearing a mask and not social distancing in the middle of a pandemic is a lot more problematic and morally indefensible than wearing fur.

Basically, I’m not too sympathetic to people who have decided to go protest stores selling fur in the middle of a pandemic. So when TMZ reported Kylie Jenner was attacked by protesters for shopping in a store that sells fur, I wasn’t impressed.

First of all, I was expecting to see Kylie Jenner wearing a fur coat or something, since people were calling her a monster and throwing themselves in front of her car as she tried to leave, but she looked like she was wearing Gore-Tex to me.

Now, the people protesting were wearing masks, which is good, but they clearly weren’t properly socially distancing when the opportunity to yell at a Kardashian arose.

TMZ reports the store Kylie was shopping in, which sells fur, told the paparazzi Kylie was shopping there to get themselves some press and the paparazzi tipped off the protestors in order to get some better photographs.

The main problem is COVID is out of control in California, and while if you absolutely have to get together doing it outside while wearing masks is the least risky way, is yelling at an Instagram celebrity for being near fur coats a good reason to risk your life and the lives of others? It’s entirely possible a human being dies from this because someone got COVID from this and took up a bed in a hospital meaning someone else couldn’t be treated as hospitals pushed beyond their capacity. Was that worth it to yell at Kylie Jenner?

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