Logan Paul is Being Sued for Being a Massive Douche, How Did This Not Happen Sooner?

Logan Paul was almost a movie. Like an honest-to-God Hollywood motion picture. The reason it never happened is that Logan Paul is a stupid dickhead and blew the whole thing up, and now the producers of that movie are suing him to recoup their losses.

You might remember almost exactly two years ago when Logan Paul went to Japan and thought it would be a good idea to visit the “suicide forest” in Aokigahara, where he came across a dead body. He also decided it would be a good idea to film the dead body, put it in a video, and upload that video to YouTube.

It was not a good idea. You can tell because Logan Paul is the one who had the idea.

It almost torpedoes Logan Paul’s career and would have if there was any sort of gatekeeper between him and his fans. There isn’t, so he emerged from the scandal mostly unharmed, except a film he was going to star in called Airplane Mode was canceled. Now the production company, Planeless Pictures, is suing Paul to get back the money they lost when Google backed out of the project due to Paul’s dipshittery.

I can’t tell you how happy I am that this movie was never made. TMZ describes it as “a spoof on modern-day trend-setters, like the Paul brothers and other social media folks.” Did the world need that? Absolutely not.

This story has such a happy ending: Logan Paul wasn’t in a movie and he might have to pay three million dollars in damages. It’s like it’s still Christmas morning.

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