Meek Mill Thought He Was Super Generous Giving Six Kids a $20 Bill to Split

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Tyler Perry has made headlines more than once for dropping huge amounts of money to buy elderly people in and around his hometown groceries. It’s actually nice to know he believes in the best parts of the weird religious messaging he puts in his movies. But that’s generosity. He has a lot and he gives back in ways that really help people.

You know what doesn’t help anyone? Telling six people to split a $20.

In Atlanta, the same city where Tyler Perry spent what must have been hundreds of thousands of dollars buying groceries for people, Meek Milk gave a group of kids selling water a $20 bill and told them to split it.

And then he posted the video of it himself on his Instagram story, like he’s saying “can you believe these little street urchins expect me, a millionaire, to give them more than a few dollars each?” He really thought people were going to be on his side here.

People were not on his side here.

The thing is, this is what the British would call “a real own goal.” All Meek really had to do was not film this and post it online and no one would know what a cheap bastard he was.

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