The Kardashians Have Cancelled Christmas

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One of the problems with the coronavirus response is that the rich and powerful have been very reluctant to actually follow the rules we’ve established to keep everyone safe. I know, it sucks, but you can’t see your family at Christmas if you want to make sure they’re all around next Christmas.

The problem is that a lot of people making those rules and the most privileged people simply aren’t following them, like the mayor of Denver telling people not to travel for Thanksgiving and then getting on a plane to Mississippi or the Kardashians having a huge birthday bash on a private island.

It turns out that the Kardashians are capable of learning, though, and they’re canceling their annual Christmas bash.

Khloe Kardashian tweeted the news, saying “The Covid cases are getting out of control in CA. So we decided that we’re not doing a Christmas Eve party this year. It’s the first time we will not be having a Christmas Eve party since 1978 I believe. Health and safety first though! Taking this pandemic seriously is a must.”

Look, I get it you want everything to go back to normal and pretend that COVID is just a cold or whatever. Neil DeGrasse Tyson likes to say “the nice thing about science is it’s true whether you believe it or not.” That cuts both ways. People are dying from COVID and saying with their last dying gasps of air that COVID isn’t real. Those people are still dead, though.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but we should all be more like the Kardashians here. Yes it sucks, but it’s not a coincidence that COVID is booming after we all ignored all the warnings and had our usual Thanksgiving. Christmas will be even worse if nothing changes.

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