Viggo Mortensen Is Really Doubling Down on His Defense of ‘Green Book’

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The timing on this story really couldn’t be better because just a few days ago that newest episode of Family Guy wrapped up by making fun of Green Book and Hollywood’s love for movies where a Republican person becomes more of a Democrat and the relative dearth of films where a Democratic person becomes more of a Republican (those movies do exist, but the only person you’ve heard of who is in them is Kevin Sorbo).

Green Book actually got a lot of criticism for not being left-wing enough, but Hollywood loves a story about someone learning not to be racist anymore, which is why it won all those Oscars.

Viggo Mortensen is really not interested in hearing any criticism of the movie, though, telling The Independent “Much of the criticism that was leveled at that movie was not only unreasonable, but it was inaccurate, mendacious, and irresponsible. It’s based on a load of bulls*** and an axe to grind and little else. Does it affect what I’m doing, or how people perceive me as an actor? Maybe it does. But I can’t really do anything about that.”

I get defending your art, but maybe just admit you were in a bad movie. You don’t see anyone from Crash still defending that. That’s the bad Crash, the one with Don Cheadle, not the Cronenberg movie about James Spader jacking off at car wrecks, that Crash was awesome.

I will tell you one thing, the next time my girlfriend yells at me for not taking out the trash, I’m going to tell her she is not only being unreasonable, but she’s also inaccurate, mendacious and irresponsible. I’m sure that won’t end with me sleeping on the couch.

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