‘Wonder Woman 1984’ is the Biggest Hit of 2020

Wonder Woman / HBO

If you were wondering what the future of cinema was going to look like, you got your first glimpse as Wonder Woman 1984 became the highest-grossing movie since the COVID lockdowns began even as it was available on HBO Max the same day it launched in theaters.

Yes, even though you could sit in your house and watch Wonder Woman 1984 without getting COVID, for less money and you’d get a month of HBO afterward, people went out to the theaters to see it.

Of course, people did watch it on HBO Max, as well. Millions of people. Half of everyone who has HBO Max watched Wonder Woman 1984 on Christmas Day.

And for the most part, they hated it. So Warner did the only rational thing to do when a movie makes 16 million dollars and is widely mocked on social media and announced they’re fast-tracking a sequel. They also announced they are going to shove so many DC movies down your throat that you’d wish they had the restraint of Marvel.

Seriously, Warner wants to put six DC movies out every year. We only get 5.8 Rick and Morty episodes a year but sure, let’s make 6 feature-length DC films a year.

Of course, not all those movies will even hit theaters, Warner has pretty much moved all of DC Universe to HBO Max and some of those DC movies will only be on the streaming service and not in theaters, so in a way it’s not that different from what Disney is doing by absolutely flooding Disney+ with Marvel and DC shows because they really have no other ideas these days. We can’t get a fourth season of Ducktales but I’ll bet you can’t wait to watch Ravage 2099 Meets Paste Pot Pete and a ten-episode miniseries about Malakili the Rancor keeper from Return of the Jedi. That Batgirl movie isn’t sounding like overkill anymore, is it?

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