YouTuber Saa Fomba Broke His Skull For Clicks

When you were a kid, did your mother used to say “Well, if everyone else was jumping off a bridge, would you want to do that, too?” or is that just something people said on old TV shows? Either way Saa Fomba jumped off a bridge for clicks on YouTube and the results were about what you’d expect for someone jumping off a bridge.

As TMZ reports, Saa Fomba busted his skull open when he jumped off the Pennybacker Bridge into the Colorado River.

Have you ever jumped off a diving board onto your back and sort of hit the water with a thud? See, you sink into water because it’s a liquid, but if you fall from high enough and hit it fast enough the water won’t be able to move fast enough and it will essentially be the same as hitting the ground. With your head.

TMZ reports that Fomba said “You might see it as jumping for views, but I see more. I wasn’t built for just normal, I’m a dream chaser, I don’t settle for less, I will leave my mark on this planet we call earth our home. chase yours and leave your mark.”

It’s good that he wasn’t doing this for clicks because I really looked and I could not find the video on Fomba’s channel. I could barely find Fomba’s channel. I think it’s this one where he thinks of weird ways to try to get laid.

You may have noticed Fomba has a little over 1,000 subscribers. He would be way better off learning to cook things from TV shows or buying old Pokémon cards.

I can’t help but feel Fomba thought this jump was going to be his big break, and, well…

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