Alec Baldwin Is Off Twitter Because of How Obsessed People Are With His Wife Claiming to be From Spain

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People have had a really overblown reaction to Hilaria Baldwin saying that she’s from Spain when she was born in Boston. People have said it’s racist and she’s stealing the story of poor immigrants even though she lived in and told people she was from Majorca, which is basically a giant gated community for the super-rich.

The reaction to what is essentially a semantic argument has been so severe that Hilaria’s husband Alec Baldwin has said he’s leaving Twitter to get away from it.

I wonder if anyone told him you can just mute people on Twitter.

Baldwin seems to be just taking a break until the thing with his wife passes, and frankly, I’m shocked to find out it hasn’t and people still care about it.

I personally blame the inability of Americans to understand the world outside their own borders for this ever becoming an issue. Spain is, frankly, a very white country, much more so than America. It’s not Mexico East. I know the people who are offended at Hilaria Baldwin saying she’s Spanish are picturing the Hispanic communities of Southern California and thinking Hilaria is saying she’s a part of that community, but Spain shares a border with France, and Majorca is basically just off the coast of France. It is very white.

If you don’t consider “having grown up in Spain” to make you Spanish, you should consider how that makes you sound about immigrants to America. But also consider the worst thing Hilaria Baldwin potentially did was pretend to be a slightly different type of white person to seem somewhat more interesting.

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John E
John E
3 years ago

Truth and honesty obviously mean nothing to this author. What an idiot!