Another Male Beauty Influencer Is Claiming to Have Had an Affair With Kanye West

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I have very strong doubts that Kanye West is gay and in the closet. If Kanye West were gay, he would not only be out and proud, he would never shut up about how he’s the best at being gay and he’s the most powerful power top ever. He would seriously never stop talking about it.

Still, there are rumors. First the rumor that West was having an affair with Jeffree Star, now Cole Carrigan is claiming to have had an affair with Kanye.

Carrigan showed off Instagram DMs between himself and Kanye’s former bodyguard Steve Stanulis that showed the two setting up a clandestine meeting between Carrigan and West at a hotel.

Now, Stanulis claims the DMs are faked and sent Carrigan a cease-and-desist on the grounds that Carrigan’s claims are defamatory.

If Steve Stanulis sounds like a familiar name, it’s because he had his own legal battles with Kanye and Kim after he went around telling everyone what an asshole Kanye was.

I feel like his reaction to this is a little big, making legal threats and all, and that makes me wonder if there’s actually something to these rumors. But I don’t think Stanulis would go out of his way to help Kanye West, either.

I also don’t think Kanye has enough self-awareness to be a self-loathing closeted gay Christian Republican. Kanye loves Kanye more than anything in the world and I can’t see him actually hiding part of himself because it contradicts with the rest of his beliefs. He’d want the attention the Lil Nas X got and just say that being gay makes him a better Christian than straight people.

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