Bad News, COVID Test Fetishists, Hilary Duff Got an Eye Infection From Taking Too Many Tests

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After hearing about the small but still far too large subset of people aroused by COVID tests, I had hoped to never hear the world ‘nussy’ again. But here we are just six days into the new year and I’m about to talk about getting all up in that nussy again.

In a bit of bad news for people who actually enjoy that COVID test where it feels like they scrape a Q-Tip against the basal ganglia region of the brain, too much nussy play might cause problems of its own.

E! Online reports that your childhood crush Hilary Duff got an eye infection from receiving too many COVID tests.

As the 33-year-old “Come Clean” performer explained, she was not quite as happy as she may have seemed.

“Then my eye started to look weird…..and hurt….a lot,” Hilary shared. “Sooo…. took a little trip to the emergency room. I got an eye infection from all the COVID tests at work….cuz you know, 2020 and all.”

As E! points out, this is not a known or common side effect of COVID testing, so Duff may have gotten the infection from an unrelated source and assumed it was from the testing.

I’d still cool it with the nussy stuff outside of necessary testing. Not because there’s any particular risk, it’s just so damn weird.

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