Bruce Willis Was Thrown out of a Pharmacy For Refusing to Wear a Mask

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I just thought of a great name for the next Die Hard movie: Die of the Plague Because You’re Too Stupid to Wear a Mask. It’s a mouthful, but it could also be a documentary because Bruce Willis with his face exposed for everyone to see like some kind of pervert.

Page Six reported that Willis was asked to leave a Rite Aid in LA because he wouldn’t put on a mask.

This story does actually get funnier: Bruce Willis was wearing a mask. He had a bandana on around his neck and all he had to do was pull it up over his nose and mouth. For some reason, he refused and chose to leave instead.

You know who you sound like when you won’t wear a mask? You don’t sound like the founding fathers standing up for liberty or like James Dean rebelling without a cause. You sound like one of those weird aging hippies who insists “barefoot is legal” while buying mung beans at the co-op when someone tells him to please, for the love of god, put on some shoes.

Even if you’re Bruce Willis.

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