Did… Did Azealia Banks Really Exhume and Boil her Dead Cat?

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Moral relativism or moral absolutism? Is there such a thing as absolute morality or is morality a function of the mores and taboos of the community you were raised in.

I don’t know the answer to that, and it’s something that has caused endless amounts of debate over the history of mankind, but I’m still willing to say that digging up your dead cat and boiling the flesh off of its bones for some witchcraft ritual or other macabre purpose is seriously fucked up.

This is not a hypothetical I dreamed up watching the playoffs over the weekend, this is a thing musician Azealia Banks seems to have actually done.

The Daily Dot reports that Banks streamed a video on Instagram Live of her digging up and boiling her departed kitty Lucifer, and mentions that her purpose in doing this is probably to retrieve her cat’s bones without the fur and muscle and whatnot.

Her cat had died a few months ago and lived to fairly old age so it’s not like she was mistreating it or anything, but I still just can’t imagine.

Too Fab had some context from the video, reporting some of Banks’s quotes from the video.

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