Elizabeth Hurley Says Her Mom Takes Those Sexy Pictures She Posts on Social Media

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I don’t know how Elizabeth Hurley looks as good as she does while being both British and over 50. Normally either one of those would be disqualifying, but whatever she’s doing, it’s working.

Speaking of being British and unattractive, Piers Morgan had an issue with the sexy pictures Hurley often posts to social media, assuming on Good Morning Britain that her 18-year-old son was her photographer.

It’s not all that crazy an assumption to make, Hurley and her son have taken some pictures together that would make Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus blush.

But it’s also not correct. As Hurley pointed out, the photographer for the sexy pictures she posts on social media is her mother, not her son.

No Liz, I think that just raises more questions than it answers.

Piers Morgan proceeded to go on quite the rant the next day because he doesn’t realize how good the camera in new iPhones is these days.

Let’s just, the apology is coming, she says it wasn’t her son. Apparently, according to her tweet, she says it was her 80-year-old mother. Of course it was. Liz Hurley apparently has an amazing mother who takes brilliant photographs. Would love to see her photography and her portfolio because that’s pretty good that picture.

The phone really does all the work, Piers. We wouldn’t be having this conversation if you knew as much about the cameras on phones as you do about the voicemails, mate.

Still, he’s definitely on to something about her relationship with her son.

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