Is Disney Really Going to Retcon the Star Wars Sequels?

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Some people love Star Wars a lot. They watched the movies as kids or they watched the prequels as kids and love those to the absolute bewilderment of their parents, but they love Star Wars.

I have not seen that kind of love for the new movies by Disney, except for people claiming to like The Last Jedi because Star Wars fans hated it. those movies were so bad that they completely derailed Disney’s plans for Star Wars.

Of course, Jon Favreau completely pulled their asses out of the fire with a tiny little green puppet named Grogu. And now Disney has like a dozen Star Wars Disney+ shows on the way, but there’s a problem: those awful sequel movies are like an albatross dragging them into the ocean.

At the end of the second season of The Mandalorian, Luke Skywalker showed up and wiped the floor with an army of Dark Troopers that were closing in on Din Djarin and company in order to make sure Grogu was safe and could be trained in the force. It was incredible, it made me feel eight years old again and it made Luke Skywalker even cooler, something I had thought was impossible.

But it makes you stop and think “wait, does this mean Kylo Ren kills Grogu?” And does it? See, whatever happens in The Mandalorian and all it’s coming spin-offs, we know how it ends already, and it ends in borderline-unwatchable garbage.

And so the rumor is that Disney is looking for a way to say “oh, those movies aren’t canonical anymore” and move past them. The latest rumor from Inside the Magic is that Disney is working on a TV series that will rework and retell the sequel series.

I don’t buy it. There’s no way that there’s enough unused footage from those films to make 10 episode TV shows out of them, especially when you consider that none of the actors involved have any interest in coming back because those films were clusterfucks on every level.

But this also isn’t the first “Disney is going to undo the sequels” rumor we’ve heard. So is there any truth to it? I think maybe there is.

In politics, there’s a thing called a “trial balloon,” where to see how a policy will be received by the public, you sort of make non-committal overtures to it and see what the reaction is. Hollywood does this all the time.

There are a lot of rumors about Disney 86ing the Star Wars sequels and those rumors seem to just be the wishes of Star Wars fans but it’s very possible Disney wants to see how this sort of move would be received before they commit to it. It’s a big move, and Disney isn’t going to make it unless they think it will be a net positive for them.

So the answer, will Disney retcon the sequels? I don’t think they’ve actually decided yet, but I think they’re exploring it as an option.

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Jack Schroedinger
Jack Schroedinger
3 years ago

“They watched the movies as kids or they watched the prequels as kids”

The prequels aren’t movies? What joker wrote this article?