Lena Dunham is a Publicly Lusting After Presidential Failson Hunter Biden

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Joe Biden was sworn in as President of the United States last Wednesday, and on Tuesday he tearfully said goodbye to his home state of Delaware and said he felt that he should be introducing his late son Beau as the 46th president instead of taking the oath himself. It was very heartfelt and it acknowledges the reality that his surviving son Hunter is a complete and utter f**k-up.

I am amazed, completely amazed that Hunter Biden was not the albatross who dragged his father’s presidential candidacy into the sea. Setting aside that Hunter took a big-money job he was unqualified for based entirely on his name and the desire for access to his father, the thing I thought would be all over the news was that when Hunter’s brother Beau died of brain cancer, Hunter immediately jumped into bed with Beau’s widow. His drug addiction and the illegitimate child he fathered with a stripper pushed that out of the news, though.

Basically, Hunter Biden is the worst, dumbest, most incompetent adult child of a president we’ve seen since George H. W. Bush was in office, and that’s kind of saying a lot. He’s a complete loser and a liability to his family.

Turns out that is what gets Lena Dunham all lubed up for someone.

Yes, Dunham watched the inauguration, saw Hunter Biden, joke of the Biden family, and said “I need to get me some of that.”

I mean, he did sleep with his brother’s widow, the man clearly doesn’t have standards, that seems like exactly the kind of man Lena Dunham would do very well with.

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2 years ago

She’s basically a crack whore, so they’d make a good team. And by crack whore, I mean she’d love to shove her face up Alison Williams skinny ass.

PS–She is super gross and not funny. Being with her would be like having sex with a landfill.

Sky Masterson
Sky Masterson
2 years ago

Child molestors stick together. It’s what they do.

Roger Abbott
Roger Abbott
2 years ago

Hunter the creep would do her too