Logan Paul Wants to Get His Ass Kicked By Chris Hemsworth If He Survives Floyd Mayweather Fight

Say what you want about Logan Paul, like he’s an idiot and he’s a terrible human being, but he’s way less of a pussy than his brother Jake. While Jake Paul has started telling people he’s a boxer and is going so far as to move across the country to train more effectively, he’s been dodging out on pretty much every serious offer he’s had to fight someone who knows what they’re doing in a boxing ring.

Logan Paul, on the other hand, has signed up to let everyone watch Floyd Mayweather possibly literally murder him in the ring. Mike Tyson even told him, flat-out, “Floyd is going to beat your fucking ass!

But Logan Paul is neither claiming he thinks he’ll have an easy time with the undefeated actual boxer or running away from the fight. He thinks maybe his reach advantage and the 30 pounds he has on Mayweather will give him an outside chance of landing a few hits. It won’t, and if Logan Paul makes it to the second round it’ll be because Mayweather waited until then to fustigate him.

Fustigation aside, Paul is looking past that fight and challenged Chris Hemsworth to be his next opponent.

I kind of respect the hustle. Logan Paul realizes there’s a lot of money in letting people whoop his ass in front of an audience and he’s going to take that money. I’d let Chris Hemsworth give me a beat down for a few million dollars, who wouldn’t?

And does Chris Hemsworth get to use the hammer in his fight? That would be very satisfying to watch. Hell, even if it’s fake, sign Logan Paul up to be “Guy With Crushed Skull” in Thor 5. It might actually get people back in theaters after COVID.

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