NASCAR Is a Video Game Now and Another Driver Used a Slur During a Heated Gamer Moment On a Twitch Stream

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Remember Cruis’n USA, that racing arcade game where you would climb into a seat attached to the cabinet with a steering wheel and pedals on the floor? That’s basically what NASCAR is now.

NASCAR really wants to make it sound like iRacing is some sort of cutting edge simulator that’s basically the same as a real race, but honestly, it’s closer to Cruis’n USA than it is to a drive to the grocery store on Sunday afternoon for a fresh baguette. It’s just a really fancy video game.

Now that NASCAR is a video game being streamed on Twitch, there have been some adjustments for drivers and the company. For starters, no one is watching because it turns out NASCAR isn’t quite as interesting as Hearthstone when it’s right there. Second, the few people who are watching can hear what the drivers are saying.

This didn’t work out so well for Hailie Deegan, a 19-year-old NASCAR driver who got caught saying “This is fun. Oh, ay, who’s the retard behind me? Don’t do that please,” during a heated gaming moment.

This is the second such incident of NASCAR streamers on Twitch using “gamer words.” Kyle Larson was suspended for about six months after he used t n-word during a stream, thinking he was talking one-on-one to someone but was actually broadcasting to everyone.

Fox News reports that Deegan will have to complete sensitivity training before the beginning of the 2021 season in February.

Honestly, I can’t believe anyone who watches NASCAR would care about this, and I can’t imagine anyone who cares about this watching NASCAR.

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