T.I. And Tiny Accused of Sex Trafficking

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Every so often you come across something that is either going to be a huge story in a few days or is going to end up with a flurry of retractions from people seeking to avoid a lawsuit. This is one of those times.

The website Rap-Up published a story late Thursday alleging that over a dozen women have claimed that T.I and Tiny had drugged and raped them.

These are incredibly serious allegations and I want to remind you that at this point, they are exactly that: allegations.

But they are serious allegations.

Another woman says she was working as an escort/stripper in 2013 when T.I. invited her to take drugs and have sex with him and Tiny in return for payment. She claims Tiny got upset that T.I. was showing her more attention and hit her before T.I. “choked” her out. When she threatened to tell, she was told she could face deportation. “I was threatened to the point I was in fear I left Atlanta and never looked back,” she wrote.

I have questions. I don’t want to impugn the journalistic integrity of Rap Up, but this story appears to have been entirely sourced from social media posts. Ronan Farrow spent two years investigating the claims against Harvey Weinstein before his story was published.

I’m not saying someone should sit on this story for two years, but all we have right now are social media posts that haven‘t been investigated by anyone yet.

I have no doubt that we will see more on this soon, though.

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Jah Reefer
Jah Reefer
3 years ago

So *that* is why he was so obsessed with his daughter being and staying a virgin.