‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic’s Lawyers Booked a Huge Celebration For the Pardon He Didn’t Get

Joe Exotic has basically been trying to overturn an attempted murder conviction based on the fact that people were interested in the documentary Netflix produced about the drama surrounding him and Carole Baskin and their tiger zoos/rescues.

Exotic had hoped that President Trump would pardon him, from one flamboyant reality TV star to another, but the pardon never came and now Joe Biden is president and Joe Biden is far less likely to pardon someone because he saw them on television, which he probably refers to as “The Dumont.”

Exotic’s lawyers were so sure Trump was going to issue a pardon to Joe that they rented a 38-foot party limo and some stylists to make him look good for the camera. It could go down in the annals of public boner history beside Al Capone’s Vault.

Let’s be honest here, though: Joe doesn’t deserve a pardon. Let’s take a look at what Joe Exotic did that got him sent to prison in the first place, which the Daily Mail detailed in April of last year.

Joe offered one of his employees $5,000 to kill Baskin because he considered a threat to his business, and then he only paid the guy $3,000. I guess Joe thought hitmen had big sales like Steam and Walmart where you can get AAA assassinations at rock-bottom prices. The employee he hired hated Joe and just wanted to steal his money, which he then spent partying.

Joe also kept changing his mind on how to kill Baskin.

At first he wanted him to shoot her, then he wanted Glover to wait in the bushes outside her property and shoot her with a bow and arrow, before changing his mind again told Glover to cut Baskin’s head off and ‘feed her out to the swamps.’

It kind of sounds like a Tom and Jerry cartoon when you put them all together like that.

But the thing that gets lost here is that Joe actually believed that he was paying someone to end another human life for him over a business dispute and that was proven beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. Do courts sometimes make mistakes? Sure. Does anyone actually believe that they made a mistake here? I certainly don’t think that.

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