Why Does Grimes Seem Happy About Getting COVID?

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COVID is not chickenpox. It’s not something you get once and get over and never get again. People have had COVID more than once and it can potentially be worse the second time. Like the common cold, the post-infection immunity you get doesn’t last forever. Basically, you want to not get it.

Of course, if you’re dumb enough to have sex with Elon Musk, you’re dumb enough to have the totally wrong attitude about COVID. Page Six reports Grimes sounded almost happy about getting the deadly disease.

“Finally got Covid but weirdly enjoying the Dayquil fever dream 2021,” she wrote in her Instagram stories.

Of course, we’ve seen this isn’t really something rich people need to worry about. Look at how Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani got over it in a few days because of the treatments they got. You or I would not get the same treatments they got like Regeneron, but if you just had the richest man in the world’s baby, the two-tiered American health care system is working in your favor.

I just don’t get what Grimes is thinking here. I get the feeling she’s not thinking much, honestly. People are dying and the pandemic is just getting worse. Read the room, woman.

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