‘American Idol’ is Reportedly ‘Rethinking’ Claudia Conway

TikTok / Claudia Conway

Imagine you’re 16 years old and the entire internet hates your parents. Seeing as all 16-year-olds also hate their parents, it would be pretty tempting to tap into that, especially if your parents are always fighting because one thinks that they should hate the poor and be racist like Donald Trump while the other thinks they should hate the poor and be racist like Ronald Reagan. You could just ride telling the internet that they are right about what a horrible person your mother is straight to stardom.

Of course, that’s a terrible idea, but teenagers are basically idiots until they’re well into their 30s.

Claudia Conway auditioned for American Idol and made it past the first audition. The show really played up all the family drama, and that didn’t sit well with the audience, who felt the show was exploiting her for ratings.

You guys know what reality TV is, right? Exploiting people for ratings is the whole point of the genre, that’s why William Hung is one of the biggest stars to come out of the show. Seriously, do you know anyone who owns an album by one of the American Idol winners? I own more albums by winners of VH1’s Bands on the Run than I do from American Idol winners, which is to say I bought Welcoming Home the Astronauts by Flickerstick because a record store clerk recommended it to me when I was buying a Mazzy Star album.

Still, Page Six reports that American Idol is considering changing the way they exploit Claudia Conway for views now that everyone knows she’s on the show anyway.

Now an insider tells us the network is “rethinking how they are going to position Claudia and Kellyanne with promotion. They were big on putting Claudia in all of the promos, but now they are thinking of not putting as much focus on that … to not make as big a deal of her being on the show and focus on other contestants.”

They don’t need to put her in the promos anymore, everyone knows she’s on now and will tune in to see the backstage drama anyway.

Also, Claudia Conway doesn’t even feel exploited by the show. Of course, she kind of has to say that if she wants to keep being on the show, so it is what it is. Still, if you didn’t realize what reality TV was and it took American Idol to clue you in… where were you for Jon and Kate Plus 8?

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