Jason Sudeikis Reportedly Moving On With New Girlfriend Jennifer Aniston

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You know how when you take a flight, sometimes you’ll get bumped up to first class even though you had bought a coach ticket? That’s kind of what happened to Jason Sudeikis.

From what we can piece together from various media reports, Olivia Wilde dumped Sudeikis, her fiancée and long-time partner, for Harry Styles, who looks better in a dress than she does. The reports that it was totally mutual and that Sudeikis was completely devastated and wanted her back were a bit at odds if the word mutual has meaning.

Woman’s Day reports that Sudeikis turned to Jennifer Aniston in the wake of his break-up and the two have gotten together.

“Jason and Jennifer have been friends for some time, but this hard breakup of Jason’s has really bonded them. Jen has been on call for him ever since the news about Olivia and Harry’s relationship broke. At first, she was counseling him through it, but lately, there have been a lot more laughs than tears. There’s a real spark between them,” an insider reveals. Another informant claims that Aniston is ready to “open to someone again,” while another says that everyone in Aniston and Sudeikis’ lives would be thrilled if the two go together.

Gossip Cop says this story is false, but I think we all want it to be true.

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2 years ago

Friends with Benefits vibe here. If you’re Sudeikis, it’s good landing spot for a bit.