Logan Paul is Moving to Puerto Rico to Avoid Paying Taxes

Puerto Rico is not a state, but it is part of the United States. Because of their lack of representation in the federal government, residents of Puerto Rico are not required to pay federal income tax. Puerto Rico also provides a sweetheart 4% income tax rate to people who move there from the mainland, which has attracted the sort of people who constantly complain about their taxes despite making more money in a year than most Americans will make in their lifetime.

One of those people is Logan Paul, who has decided to move there so he can keep more of his “posing with suicide victims” money that would otherwise just be wasted on things like roads and schools.

He photoshopped big anime tears in his eyes like he’s sad California is driving him away by taking all his money. He lives in a mansion.

Paul’s very next tweet is about how he spent a million dollars on Pokémon cards. Taxes are killing him, though.

Puerto Ricans are really rolling out the red carpet for him after his announcement.

Interestingly enough, Pokémon fans also see, annoyed with Paul because of the aforementioned box opening.

You see, ever since Paul started buying the cards and making videos about them, Pokémon cards have exploded in price and are impossible to find in stores. You’d think collectors would be happy about this, but since they’re not planning on selling their cards but want to play the game with them, all it’s done is brought in a bunch of new people who are going to buy up all the existing stock hoping to get rich and drive up prices for the people who have been playing the game forever.

When you do that with real estate, it’s called gentrification. Hope you like artisan bagels and craft beers, people of Puerto Rico, because someone is going to tear down your historic buildings to build them there because your neighborhood is just “Sah kyute.”

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