Machine Gun Kelly is Wearing Megan Fox’s Blood as a Fashion Accessory

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Holy Angelina Jolie, Batman! Machine Gun Kelly is wearing Megan Fox’s blood around his neck like it’s a normal thing to do.

Now, it’s not an excessive amount of blood, about the amount you might put on a diabetes testing strip, but I do not understand why someone would do this.

Kelly posted this set of pictures on Instagram which included a look at the necklace. It kind of looks like a blood sample on a slide for a microscope. Very Dexter.

Kelly and Fox also apparently like the board game Ca$h ‘n Guns, which is actually kind of cool but that is a party game you need way more than two people for, does not seem like a great way to spend your time during a pandemic. It does come with foam guns, though.

I get that some people are so mushy and romantic that it annoys everyone in the world, but is that what’s going on here? “i wear your blood around my neck” doesn’t sound romantic to me; it sounds like something you say to a girl you have locked in your basement.

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