Now People Are Just Making Things Up To Cancel Chris Pratt For

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The running gag about Chris Pratt on Clickhole, the former Onion social media vertical that broke off on its own, was about how much he visited sick kids in the hospital. They did stories with headlines like “Not A Good Sign: This Kid Hasn’t Been Diagnosed With Anything Yet, But Chris Pratt Has Been Standing Outside Of His Room For 3 Days Straight,” which is an amazing piece you should read right away.

They did a lot of similar articles and it’s because when Chris Pratt blew up as a Marvel superhero, he took a lot of time to go to hospitals, in costume, and cheer up sick kids.

Lately, though, people have been trying to cancel him because he’s religious and they ascribe all sorts of beliefs to him that he has never publicly stated having; Pratt stays out of all political discussions pretty much as a rule so that he doesn’t ruin his work for someone who may have otherwise enjoyed it.

Since previous attempts to cancel Pratt failed, people are just making things up now, like fake tweets of Pratt saying the n-word, something he has never done on Twitter.

As you can probably tell just by looking, the first tweet screen-capped there is clearly fake. The second and third are authentic but who cares, they’re just silly jokes that aren’t harmful to anyone and are kind of cheesy.

Still, #ripchrispratt was trending because of this nonsense.

People need to accept that Chris Pratt is a pretty beloved actor and a genuinely nice guy. All of his co-stars in basically everything he’s ever done love him, and his movies do really well at the box office. And the man has never actually done anything objectionable; all of this is because people think he’s probably a Republican. Pratt has actually said he’s not a member of either political party and his only political donations appear to be to Democrats Barack Obama and Tulsi Gabbard.

Stop projecting weird issues on the guy, he’s never publicly said or done any of the things you hate him for.

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