‘Succession’ star Nicholas Braun Wants to be First in Line to Date Newly-Single Kim Kardashian

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South Park’s Butters Stotch thinks that Kim Kardashian is the most beautiful woman in the world while Wendy Testaburger says she has the body of a Hobbit. Nicholas Braun is clearly in the Butters camp.

Here’s what the star had to say on Instagram about Kim’s pending divorce, via Page Six.

“It hurts to think about how they’re feeling and how she’s feeling, I mean I’m wondering at this point, where do they even go from here? Where does she go from … at this moment,” the 32-year-old actor said in the nearly three-minute clip.

“Cause she’s been through three marriages now, and it’s like are you willing to even take a shot on a new guy at this point? Would you be down to meet a new person, totally just kind of different guy? ” Braun continued.

“One who can make you laugh a little bit, or make you feel small cause he’s so tall,” the 6-foot-6 star said.

“Just a guy who’s talking about her on the internet. A guy who makes a video like this and he’s sort of like trying to find a way to just talk to her because he doesn’t know anybody who knows her,” Braun continued, adding he’s hopeful the clip could land in Kardashian’s orbit.

Braun also theorized Kardashian could possibly think, “Hmm, this is kind of different. This guy is odd, but maybe in a good way.”

I kind of love that.

I don’t exactly have high hopes for Braun’s chances. After all, who can replace the world’s most powerful human being? I imagine Kim will just become a spinster. Maybe a nun.

Honestly, the bar is probably pretty low. “Don’t talk about how we almost had an abortion while running for president” might be enough to clear it.

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