Why the Hell Did Bruce Springsteen Get Charged With a DUI, Anyway

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You may have heard over the weekend that Bruce Springsteen was arrested and charged with a DWI a while back. Drinking and driving is a serious issue, but it was kind of funny it came out like, two weeks after Jeep started airing an ad featuring The Boss that they had to immediately pull off the air.

When I saw the headlines that the prosecutors dropped the charges against him, except one for drinking in a federal park which was a misdemeanor with a $500 fine, I thought it was the result of celebrities getting special treatment.

Just a little digging, though, I can’t understand why Springsteen was even arrested in the first place.

See, in order to be driving while intoxicated, you generally have to have a BAC that is over the legal limit. In New Jersey, that limit is .08. TMZ reports that the reason that they dropped the DWI charges against Bruce is that his BAC was only.02, a mere quarter of the legal limit and what your BAC would be after you had a single beer.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, Bruce was glassy-eyed, swaying and reeked of booze when he was arrested. Remember, police said an officer watched Bruce take a shot of Patron Tequila before riding away on his motorcycle. For what it’s worth, cops say Bruce was cooperative throughout the arrest.

To have a BAC of .02, that shot of Patron would have been the only drink he had.

So why did they arrest him? Don’t they have field sobriety tests and pocket breathalyzers? If you want an autograph just ask the man for an autograph.

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3 years ago

Most agencies, including mine, do not carry portable breath testers. Field sobriety testing-if the subject refuses then it’s off to jail.