Woman Who Gorilla Glued Her Hair is Reportedly Considering a Lawsuit

TikTok / im_d_ollady

Hairspray. It keeps your hair in place once you’ve styled it. You’ve probably used it. So many people used it at one point that the CFCs used as a propellant punched a hole in the ozone layer (one that has filled back in with ozone since we stopped using CFCs).

Hairspray is mostly alcohol that evaporates and leaves a residue of PVP or other polymers that hold the hair in place and theme harmlessly wash out with gentle soaps like shampoo.

Gorilla Glue, on the other hand, is made of polyurethane, that lacquer you put on your floor to keep water from damaging the wood. It does not come out with a gentle shampoo. It requires harsh chemicals like acetone or alcohol to remove.

Tessica Brown went viral on TikTok when she used Gorilla Glue in her hair because she was out of hairspray.

It was a mistake.

It’s a few days later and she still hasn’t gotten the glue out of her hair.

TMZ reports that Brown went to the hospital, was there for 22 hours and she left with her hair still glued in place. She’s tried both acetone and alcohol in her hair with no results to speak of.

She’s not going to want to hear this but she’s going to have to shave her head and start over. She has ruined her hair and she’s not going to save it.

TMZ also reports Brown is considering suing.

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