Deshaun Watson Has More Sexual Assault Lawsuits than Post-Season Starts

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Things aren’t looking great for Deshaun Watson. For starters, he plays for the Texans and that’s just not where you want to be if you’re looking to win a Super Bowl. He’s also facing nine lawsuits for sexual misconduct.

If the allegations are to be believed, Watson is the second-worst thing to happen to the massage industry in recent memory.

According to ESPN, Watson is accused by one massage therapist of touching her with his penis and by another of forcing her to perform oral sex on him, which she “did not consent” to.

The plaintiff alleges that she felt “intimidated and threatened” and “she was afraid of what someone like Watson could do if she did not submit to his demands.” She says in the lawsuit that Watson made it clear, repeatedly, that he could “help, or hurt, her career.”

The lawyer who filed lawsuits on behalf of those women say he’s going to file a total of nine lawsuits against Watson.

The NFL is investigating these claims independently and the Texans say they’re waiting for the results of that investigation.

“The NFL informed us [Thursday] that they will conduct an investigation into the allegations made in the civil lawsuits filed against Deshaun Watson,” the team said. “We will stay in close contact with the league as they do. We continue to take this and all matters involving anyone within the Houston Texans organization seriously. We do not anticipate making any additional statements until the NFL’s investigation concludes.”

Watson says that the allegations are false, stating “I have never treated any woman with anything other than the utmost respect.”

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