If You Like Watching Old Guys Beat Each Other Up, You’ll Love Tyson v Holyfield III

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If you ask 100 people what the most disturbing thing they’ve ever seen in a boxing ring is, they’ll all probably say Butterbean. But the second-place answer would likely be Mike Tyson cannibalizing Evander Holyfield’s ear. Everyone knows about it, Mike even joked about it on The Mike Tyson Mysteries.

Oddly enough, Tyson and Holyfield actually became friends after this. How did that start? “Hey man, remember the time I bit your ear off? Let me buy you lunch. How about some pig’s ears? I have a real taste for them for some reason.”

That famous fight between Tyson and Holyfield, when Holyfield was WBA champion and Tyson was the number one contender, happened in 1997. So what could anyone want more than to see a rematch 24 years later when both fighters are old and out of fighting shape?

Well, it’s happening.

TMZ reports that Tyson and Holyfield will set down their walking frames and pick up their boxing gloves for a big-money exhibition match. I blame Jake Paul for this.

Do you know who the WBA Heavyweight champion is? Anthony Joshua has the WBA belt, along with the IBF and WBO championships. But Tyson Fury has the WBC title, so Joshua isn’t the undisputed champion. But nobody gives a s**t. I’ve never even heard of Anthony Joshua.

So that’s what boxing is now: old guys slapping each other around or YouTubers thinking they’re hard because they beat another YouTuber or an octogenarian retired NBA star.

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