Kate Middleton is ‘Mortified’ Meghan Markle Didn’t Just Take All the Blame For Their Issues

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Guys, drop everything you’re doing, a princess is sad that another princess didn’t do what she wanted. Kate Middleton is reportedly “mortified” that Meghan Markle brought up an argument the two had that left Meghan in tears during her interview with Oprah Winfrey.

If you’re a fan of media about the royal family, like Netflix’s hit show The Crown or Helen Mirren’s film The Queen about the days after the death of Princess Diana, you’ll know they all have the same basic message; that the monarchy is woefully out of touch and adheres to antiquated principles out of a sense of propriety. Most of the dialogue about common people is tinged with a bit “don’t these bloody peasants know that it simply isn’t how things are done?” Sure, the dialogue is fictionalized, the writers weren’t in those rooms, but it’s not as if there’s much evidence to the contrary.

These “leaks” from the palace are all pretty much planned, because addressing it publicly isn’t the proper protocol, and it continues to show how much they royals are missing the point here.

Why wasn’t Kate “mortified” when the story that Meghan made her cry, the opposite of what actually happened, came out in the press? Her objection isn’t about the accuracy of what Meghan says, just that Kate is “very discreet.”

The story was already out there, and the story was “Horrible Bridezilla Meghan Markle made good, sweet British girl Kate Middleton cry for no reason.”

It doesn’t seem to have sunk in that Harry and Meghan feel that they were wronged, both by the royal family and the British press, and that the palace’s response to that seemed to be “well, good, keep taking the blame so people hate you and side with the heir. You’re just the spare, who gives a f**k about you? Stiff upper lip and all that rot.”

Harry and Meghan say “well, maybe not everything was our fault” and suddenly William and Kate go paler than basically every single relative on both their family trees. If the monarchy wants to keep existing, and really, they shouldn’t, they really should modernize how they deal with these things. “Oh talking to the press simply isn’t done” may have been okay when Churchill was Prime Minister, but we have a 24-hour news cycle now and doing nothing is essentially the same as throwing members of your family to the wolves.

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