Madonna, A Portrait of Graceful Aging as Ever, Got Basically Naked on Instagram

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If there’s one thing people try to avoid in life, it’s seeing their great-grandmother naked. If you’re interested in seeing someone old enough to be your great-grandmother naked, you should follow Madonna on Instagram.

Is it just me or does it look like she had her belly button filled in?

How much Botox and photoshop can a human body withstand before it just says “enough?”

Is anyone still asking for this at this point? I guess maybe Snoop Dogg who responded “I need u.”

At least it’s her body this time and not just her face photoshopped on a 20-year-old.

I’m not actually breaking new ground by saying Madonna looks like someone’s trashy Florida grandmother here. 30 Rock was making jokes about Madonna refusing to accept that’s old back in 2010 when the singer was only in her early 70s, saying she was trying to “cling to her youth” with “Gollum arms.”

But much like Madonna’s lady parts, jokes about her trying to be a teenager in her 60s are a bottomless pit that can be drilled for oil by basically anyone without ever hitting the bottom.

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